Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters

So I watched this movie yesterday. I actually quite enjoyed it. Even though there were some changes from the book, it was a good movie. It was also better than the first one. I was happy with the actor they chose to replace Pierce Brosnan, as well. If you liked The Lightening Thief, you should definitely like this one. I hope they make the third one as well!

Searching for Sugar Man

I was invited by a good friend of mine to watch Searching for Sugar Man at the Heritage Theatre in our city. This is a documentary about a man named Sixto Rodriguez, who had I never heard of before. This movie tells an absolutely amazing story and I loved it. I don’t usually watch documentaries, but I am very glad I watched this one. I highly recommend it.

I leave you with one of his songs. It is awesome.

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was nominated by my super amazing mom, Birgit Jurock, for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award. My mom is the best. 🙂

Rules of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  • All recipients need to thank the giver
  • Post 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

My nominations: (I have six for now.)
1 – Writer Writ- Wrote?

2 – byamandaleigh

3 – Inside the Writer

4 – Laura Lee Anderson

5 – The Tiger’s Eye

6 – kateschannel

Now for 7 things about me:

1 – I love the rain, snow and epic storms. Going to the beach when it is insanely windy is pure awesomeness.

2 – I like to re-read books I love a lot. It distracts me from reading new things sometimes, but I can’t help it!

3 – I totally liked the Dark Knight Rises and the whole trilogy. Go Batman!

4 – I have way too many book ideas in my head at any given time.

5 – I love to give the main characters of my book theme songs.

6 – Roses are my favorite flower.

7 – I love depressing music but don’t like depressing books or movies.

Books I Wish Would Be Made Into Movies

Here are some books that I would love to see made into movies.

First we have The Historian which is one of my favorite books. This would make a great movie as the story is filled with mystery, adventure and travel.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell would make an amazing movie. It would be strange but something marvelous to behold if done right.

The Forgotten Garden is a story of love, mystery and betrayal. It would make a tragic but lovely movie.

Silent in the Grave and the rest of the series I could see being made into a miniseries or something. The mysteries are awesome.

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman. Ghost Pirates. Enough said.

The Name of the Wind would make a spectacular fantasy movie. I would definitely line up to see that on opening night.

Which books would you love to see turned into movies?

L.M. Montgomery

L.M. Montgomery has written novels that I absolutely love in every way. Her characters are always strong, driven by their dreams and passions. I’m currently re-reading Anne of Green Gables again for about the third time and I’m loving every minute of it. This is the story of a girl who lives her life to the fullest. Before I read these books I always thought that the book was going to be lame and boring, but when I finally read them, I discovered how genuine and brilliant they are. Definitely one of my all time favorites. I’m sure I’m going to re-reading Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon many times throughout my life.

I would recommend L.M. Montgomery to anyone and everyone. Also I would highly recommend watching the Sullivan Entertainment Anne of Green Gables movies. They are great!

Movies About Books and Writing

Here are some movies I love that are mostly about books and writing:


Under the Tuscan Sun


84, Charing Cross Road

Shadows in the Sun

You’ve got Mail

Anne of Green Gables (Sullivan Entertainment)


Are there other movies you can recommend that are about books and writing?


Finding Inspiration

I am pretty sure that every writer at some point fails to find inspiration. I know I have, at least. I’m going to list a few ways I usually find inspiration when I’m completely out. Hopefully some of it is helpful!

1 – Go for a walk – To the park, a forest, a beach or wherever you happen to want to go!

2 – Re-watch a movie you absolutely love, with characters you care about.

3 – Listen to music that makes you dream.

4 – Walk in the rain, dance in the rain, or simply listen to it.

5 – If you hate rain – Bask in the sun.

6 – Re-read a favorite book.

7 – Go to a coffee shop and people-watch. (Not meant to sound creepy.)

8 – Take a nap and while falling asleep, think about your writing/story/characters.

9 – Go outside and take pictures of random things.

10 – Go to a bookstore, be it a used bookstore or a new one. Walk through the aisles and look at the books.

These are all things that help me find inspiration. I don’t know if any of it is at all helpful, but there you have it!

What helps you find inspiration?