Our New Fish – Koray

My husband and I have been wanting a pet for a while. But we live in an apartment, so they aren’t allowed. Except for fish! So we decided to get one. His name is Koray, which means “Ember Moon”. I found it quite fitting because of his coloring. The following pictures totally suck, because he is a speedy little bugger.  Either way, here he is!


2014-02-23 14.43.52


2014-02-23 14.43.43


2014-02-23 14.45.12


2014-02-23 14.44.21

Songs of the Sea

I have decided to compile a list of all my favorite songs that have to do with the sea or even just remind me of it. I love the sea. I love standing near the waves and feeling the wind. I am lucky enough to be able to see the ocean everyday, even if it is just a glimpse. Hopefully you can enjoy these as much as I do and feel a bit closer to the sea yourself.


Sonata Arctica – White Pearl, Black Oceans

Good morn’, oh dreadful day.
I prayed the moon had lit the sea instead of me, for the sails of night.


Nightwish – Ocean Soul

Long hours of loneliness
Between me and the sea

Losing emotion
Finding devotion
Should I dress in white and search the sea
As I always wished to be – one with the waves
Ocean Soul


Enya – Exile

My light shall be the moon
And my path – the ocean.
My guide the morning star
As I sail home to you.


Nightwish – The Islander

An old man by a seashore
At the end of day
Gazes the horizon
With seawinds in his face
Tempest-tossed island
Seasons all the same
Anchorage unpainted
And a ship without a name


Kamelot – Sailorman’s Hymn

Can you hear the sailorman’s hymn?
As it comes with the rise of the tide
It is sung where the rainbow begins
As a comfort for tears she has cried

2012-06-13 20.33.22

Patrick Watson – Drifters

I dip my hands into the sea
Oh, I’ll pour the ocean over me!
And after all the tides had swallowed all the shore
I couldn’t find you anymore

Favourite Summer Reads

Even though it is most definitely not summer yet. (Here, anyway.) I was thinking this morning about the books I love to read the most in Summer. I know that my absolute favorite book to read in the summer is The Historian. Which I most assuredly plan on reading again soon. It is one of my favorite books anyway, but there is something about reading it in the hot summer with a cup of really strong coffee that just seems magical to me. Other books I will probably want to read are anything from L.M. Montgomery. The way she describes nature and life in her books is fantastic. Then there are always seafaring stories. I love the sea and one of my biggest dreams is to learn how to sail and eventually get my own sailboat. There you have it, some of my favorite summer reading adventures.

What kind of books do you want to read this summer?



The Love of Fall

I am becoming very excited for the arrival of Fall. It is finally becoming my favorite time of year again. The time of year when the leaves turn brilliant colors, the rain begins and the comfiest sweaters and clothes can be worn again. It is the time of pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving. I find I am more creative in Fall and Winter, when I can hear the ring against the roof and windows and the wind howling. I love wandering along the beach during a storm, watching the anger of the sea. There is nothing quite like it. This is the time of year when you can curl up on the couch with a book and a never ending cup of tea. This is the best time of year for me to write. I love Fall.
What is your favorite thing about Fall?