And the Packing Continues…

We’re mostly packed! We move on October 6th, so we still have a week left. I miss the presence of my books on their shelves, though. Oh well, I have my handydandy Kindle and I have plenty of books on it that I can read. Just finished packing the majority of our clothes that we won’t need until we move. Now I kind of just want to get the move over with. Since we’re moving into an apartment, we might have a bit of a hassle find a place to park the truck. Then we might have to walk a ways to get to the elevator and so on. Oh well! I will be worth it!


The Process of Moving Books

I both love and hate moving. I’ve moved probably about ten or eleven times in my life and each experience is so different. I hate the packing and the actual physical moving. But the part I love is when I get to unpack all of the boxes and decide where to put everything. Especially with my books. Moving the books is a royal pain, but when I get to unpack them and decide where to put them, that is always great. My favorite part is when I grab a box and don’t remember which books I put inside. Then¬† I open it and as I grab each book, I get to remember the feeling I had when I first read it. It feels like I’m reliving memories I shared with old friends. Then I put them on the shelf and I just love looking at them. There is a great comfort in owning books that you love and seeing them constantly on your shelves. For me a home can’t be quite as comfortable without my books there.¬† So far I’ve packed about 11 boxes of books and there are still more to go!

What do you love and hate about moving?