Why Do You Read?

I’ve been thinking about this a bit today. Why do we read? I read because I absolutely love it. I love that you can escape into different worlds and lives. I love that there is no limit to the imagination in the written word. I read anything that strikes my fancy. I don’t read to seem intelligent or to dissect the writing/writer. To me, the important part is the story. If I find it interesting, I love it. If I don’t enjoy a book or there is content I don’t appreciate, I stop reading the book. I no longer waste my time with negative reviews, because I just want to focus on the enjoyment of reading. Reading is an experience, and I always want it to be a good one. Essentially, I think books are magic. I also love stories in different forms. Music, movies, video games. I really just need stories all the time.

Why do you read?



Unrelated – Art Stuffs

On a note unrelated to anything I usually write about, I started up drawing again. I’m not very good, but I enjoy it, so I care not. I created a DeviantArt page which can be found here: http://leasaurus12.deviantart.com/.

I plan on doing more things I enjoy in the next while. That means more writing, reading, drawing and a wee bit of photography. Yes, apparently I enjoy everything. So there you have it! Enjoy!


Current Writing Project

I’m very excited about the book I’m currently working on. The idea appeared one night while I was listening to Kamelot – Song for Jolee (Awesome song, you should listen to it). The idea took hold and wouldn’t let go and I immediately began the planning process on Scrivener. Characters, settings, plot, everything. I’ve never actually had a story idea that clung to me this much and made me this excited to write. I’ll show you the random, terrible synopsis I created just now. It will give you a bit of an idea of what I’m going to create. Anyway, I’m super duper excited. So going to join Camp NaNoWriMo in July. Maybe this time I’ll actually make it!

What are you all working on?

Untitled (YA Gothic/Fantasy/Romance)

Near the Distant Forest lies the town of Darkness, tucked away and hidden by the looming trees. Trevelyan Hale arrives in the town of Darkness only to fall in love with a girl who cannot give him her heart, as it is no longer hers to give. This is a story of love, loss, and the lives surrounding Raincrow Manor, a house that sits on a hill surrounded by shadows and a tragic family curse. 

©Lea Jurock




Book Recommendations

I’m sure we’ve all recommended books to friends and family and had books recommended to us. Do you ever read books that are recommended to you? I know I’ve definitely been guilty of taking book suggestions and then ignoring them. But then on the flip side, I don’t like it when people don’t read the books I suggest. I suppose I should just listen to recommendations more. I don’t want to miss out on something awesome, just because I’m stubborn.

Do you recommend books to people? Do you read books people recommend to you?



Our New Fish – Koray

My husband and I have been wanting a pet for a while. But we live in an apartment, so they aren’t allowed. Except for fish! So we decided to get one. His name is Koray, which means “Ember Moon”. I found it quite fitting because of his coloring. The following pictures totally suck, because he is a speedy little bugger.  Either way, here he is!


2014-02-23 14.43.52


2014-02-23 14.43.43


2014-02-23 14.45.12


2014-02-23 14.44.21

Hunting for the Perfect Read

Do you ever have those days where no books you own are exactly what you feel like reading? I’ve been looking through all of my books and looking online and at the library, but I can’t find the book that is the perfect fit for what I need right now. It is strange, because I have plenty of amazing books. I’m not even fully sure what I’m in the mood for. I think I need something that is cozy, but isn’t too slow. Apparently, I’m feeling very picky right now. Oh well, I shall keep hunting and the right book for the moment will be found! What are you all reading right now?



Revisiting Bad Reviews

I know I’ve talked about bad reviews before, but I am still curious about what other people think. When you see a book that you think might be interesting, do you always look at the reviews? And if so, does seeing multiple bad reviews set you off even if there is an equal amount of good reviews? I mean, my favorite book, The Historian, has plenty of bad reviews but I love it. I find that I am trusting negative reviews less and less because they seem to be less constructive (not all of them) and more just plain angry and aggressive.

When I see reviews that are angry and whiny, I just skip right over them and almost want to enjoy the book even more just to prove them wrong. Very silly, I know. But ever once in a while I will come across a negative review that is solid. I also find myself more put off by content of a book rather than if people don’t like the author’s particular writing style. I, personally, have never come across a writing style that I’ve hated, because to me a writing style is a very personal thing and it shows me the real differences between different authors. Wow, I’m rambling. Anyway! My point was, do you often read or not read books based on the negative reviews?


Book Problems – Need Recommendations!

Lately I have been having problems finding the right books to read. I need a book that will draw me in and not let go. I’ve read some good books lately, but nothing that was spectacular. Basically, my favorite book is The Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova. For me it was practically perfect. It had adventure, mystery, fantasy elements and a love story that wasn’t all about infatuation and passion. It was a love story that developed naturally and was just splendid. Best of all, this book didn’t have anything over the top gruesome, nor did it have any sexual assault or anything like that. If there are any books you can think of that are similar to the Historian By: Elizabeth Kostova, or some sort of literary thriller or something along those lines, that isn’t terribly gruesome, throw the recommendations my way!