GoFundMe: Attempting a Campaign

I haven’t been on my blog a lot lately, ’cause there has been a lot going on! Lost my job, and got a new one, even though its only part time right now. So due to necessity, I’ve started a gofundme campaign. Below is our story that I posted on the campaign. 🙂



Normally, I would never do anything like this, I feel there are a lot of people in the world that suffer, and I would hate to take this chance away from anyone, but in the last few months, our financial situation has gotten worse and worse. Recently, my husband was diagnosed with PTSD, Generalized anxiety disorder http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generalized_anxiety_disorder and Agoraphobia and hasn’t been able to work. He is going to do his best and try to find work anyway, but so far there hasn’t been any luck and we are waiting for him to be able to go on disability because he is still being sponsored for immigration and it is making the process incredibly difficult. I recently lost my job and I found a new job, but it is only part time right now and I am unable to find another job currently.

Due to dental bills, etc, we have accumulated almost $11,000 in debt, which only adds to the problem. We adopted a 7 year old cat from a very neglectful home and had to pay for vet bills, including two abscessed teeth as the previous owners had not taken him to the vet for over 6 years. We are already cutting out uneccessary things, including internet (my sister paid for one month, November), so we’ll just be down to the bare basics we need, however, I still won’t be making enough from my job to make it work with rent, etc. We are only going to be making rent this month by completely maxing out our credit cards. We basically just need help for the next two or so months until we can get everything sorted out. I hate having to ask for handouts, but any help would be appreciated.
Thank you very much for every bit of help, even just well wishes and prayers.


Things I Have Learned About Marriage

Warning: This post will be rather sappy.

I got married on July 31st 2010 to the most awesome man ever. We met online like true nerds through the game Neverwinter Nights. We were friends for years before we ever started dating. Which was difficult, since he was from the USA and I am from Canada. But for all those people out there that say long distance relationships can never work, my husband and I are proof that it can work. Anyway, when we started dating we had to travel back and forth and were only able to see each other every 3 or 4 months. Needless to say it was terrible. Super terrible. 5 days after we were married, he had to leave back to the states again. Not a fun time, but so worth it. Finally, we were able to go through the immigration process. That’s right, he gave up his country, friends and family for me because he didn’t want me to miss my family. Anyway, we have been married nearly 3 years now and here is a list of some of the things I have learned. I love being married. It is great.

– Be sappy! Tell each other you love each other a billion times a day. It never gets old.

– Have fights. Yell and argue, but make up really fast. Don’t hold on to arguments.

– Hold hands. I learned this from a very smart lady. She told me that you can’t be mad if you’re holding hands. Very true!

– Share everything with each other! Be it music, movies or your dreams. Share it all.

– Go out and take adventures. Even if you are just going for a walk.

– Communication. Always communicate. This was always difficult for me. I am one of those chicks who says: “I’m fine.” When I’m really not.

– Love each other for your faults and your strengths. Don’t get annoyed by little things.

– Be comfortable in silence. Have your space and don’t be offended if your significant other needs personal time. We all do!

– Laugh. Always remember to laugh!

I have more, but I don’t want to bore you. Just wanted to share about my marriage randomly. I got married at 19 to the greatest man in the world and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.


Thank You Letters to Parents

A few months ago I made a blog post that was a thank you letter to my mom and dad. Lately I have been looking at my stats and have noticed something amazing. So many people seem to be searching for thank you letters to their parents. Almost every day there are about 20-50 searches for thank you letters to parents that wind up on my blog. I just thought it was amazing to see how many people are wanting to give their parents thank you letters.


Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

I was nominated by my super amazing mom, Birgit Jurock, for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging Award. My mom is the best. 🙂

Rules of the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  • All recipients need to thank the giver
  • Post 7 things about yourself
  • Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers of their choice and let them know that they have been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

My nominations: (I have six for now.)
1 – Writer Writ- Wrote?

2 – byamandaleigh

3 – Inside the Writer

4 – Laura Lee Anderson

5 – The Tiger’s Eye

6 – kateschannel

Now for 7 things about me:

1 – I love the rain, snow and epic storms. Going to the beach when it is insanely windy is pure awesomeness.

2 – I like to re-read books I love a lot. It distracts me from reading new things sometimes, but I can’t help it!

3 – I totally liked the Dark Knight Rises and the whole trilogy. Go Batman!

4 – I have way too many book ideas in my head at any given time.

5 – I love to give the main characters of my book theme songs.

6 – Roses are my favorite flower.

7 – I love depressing music but don’t like depressing books or movies.

A Post of Awesome Doggies

Here I will post a few pictures my family and I have taken of my doggies. They are both now gone, but I will always remember and love them as the best and most adorable dogs ever.

It all started about 10 years ago when we decided we wanted one small dog. We searched the SPCA for the right little dog, but there weren’t any little dogs that caught our eye. We were searching and searching when we saw one dog named Jerome. We went to visit him and fell in love. We had to visit him a few times before they let us take him, because they wanted to make sure he went to the right home. We were so happy when we were able to take him home.

Jerome when we first got him. His dopey grin says it all. He was the sweetest dog and had an undying love for food.

Shortly after getting him we decided we should get him a friend. My family went to another SPCA and were looking at dogs. Bailey was the last dog they saw and they took her for a little walk. During the walk, she made her way over to the car and sat down. She chose us.

This is Bailey, the most crazy, loyal and loving dog:

When they first met, they sniffed each other happily and became instant friends:

They clearly both adored the couch:

These two dogs were always there, always adorable, always loving. They both had epic ears. Look at the ears:

Here is Jerome as a squirrel:

Here is Bailey being a guard doggy:

Essentially I just wanted to share the awesomeness of my doggies. They were both the most amazing friends and I miss them terribly. I will always remember them and love them. They are family.

A Thank You Letter to Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

I just wanted to tell you how much you’ve meant to me as you’ve guided and loved me through my life. From very early on you taught me the importance of family, trust and love. You’ve taught me to value myself and to value others. You have taught me again and again to never give up and to follow my dreams.When I was sick or scared you would stay with me and pray with me. You taught me to laugh and to use my imagination. You shared your stories and always let me make up my own mind. You made every birthday and holiday perfect and special, just by bringing the family together.

I want to thank you for (though it might seem silly) letting me have crazy hairstyles and wear strange clothes. For loving me exactly the way am and telling me you’re proud of me. You have helped me become who I am through all the love and faith you have provided and all the amazing lessons you have taught.

So, no matter what, I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I love you and I thank God for the amazing parents he gave me. You are the best parents in the world.

Love, your Lea