Books I Wish Would Be Made Into Movies

Here are some books that I would love to see made into movies.

First we have The Historian which is one of my favorite books. This would make a great movie as the story is filled with mystery, adventure and travel.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell would make an amazing movie. It would be strange but something marvelous to behold if done right.

The Forgotten Garden is a story of love, mystery and betrayal. It would make a tragic but lovely movie.

Silent in the Grave and the rest of the series I could see being made into a miniseries or something. The mysteries are awesome.

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman. Ghost Pirates. Enough said.

The Name of the Wind would make a spectacular fantasy movie. I would definitely line up to see that on opening night.

Which books would you love to see turned into movies?

15 thoughts on “Books I Wish Would Be Made Into Movies

    • I agree! I actually just read it for the first time maybe a month ago at my brother’s insistence, and it was beyond fantastic. And the sequel is just awesome. I’m sure it will be made into a movie eventually – fantasy flicks are very “in” right now 🙂

  1. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel! I’m a little afraid for anyone to mess with the atmosphere that the book created for me….even the great Tim Burton. Granted, even if it was changed it could be a cool movie anyway, but I think I would just like to read it again! It’s been just long enough that I think I could see it fresh…sometimes a short memory for detail is a wonderful thing. 🙂

  2. I want Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell to be made into a movie so badly (I definitely have spent time trying to figure out who would be who, which is kind of tricky… The only halfway option I’ve come up with is David Tennant as Strange)

  3. I would love to see Artemis Fowl turned into a movie. A children’s movie, of course, but it would still be really cool to see all the characters come to life. I would have suggested Asa Butterfield to play Artemis, but he seems busy enough being Ender in the upcoming Ender’s Game movie.

  4. I would love to see more of the Jack Aubrey novels made into movies. The time period is so rich and script writers would have more than enough material to go on. Unfortunatly, Rustle Crowe is to old to be Jack anymore but he really became the character for me after I watched Master and Commander.

  5. Another good series would be either one of the series by Brent Weeks. I would wait in queue a long time to watch either of those. The night angel series would be brilliant!

  6. I’ve always thought that even one of Isak Dinesen’s stories in “Seven Gothic Tales” would make an excellent movie. They’re so richly textured and intriguing.

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